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I bring 20 years of dedicated service to Harris County and experience working in the Harris County Budget Office and the Harris County Universal Services Department. I will work with the Harris County Commissioners Court to bring about more transparency and streamline the much-needed services of the Harris County Treasurer's Office. 

As your next Harris County Treasurer, I will used the relationships I've built during the span of my career to serve the people of Harris County with the professional and responsible accountability we all deserve.

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My Why

Hello, I am Dr. Carla Wyatt, 

And I am running for Harris County Treasurer. I am personally asking you for your vote and support because I am the most experienced and best qualified candidate for the job. 

I have worked in Harris County government for over 20 years. 

I am running for County Treasurer to help modernize county government which will save taxpayers money. Those savings, in turn, can be invested in providing county residents more and better services to avoid the need for property tax increases. 

The Harris County Treasurer must once again become the financial watchdog of  County Government to make sure that residents are getting the best and most effective services for the taxes being collected. 

Having worked in the County Budget Office, on the staff of a County Commissioner and on the staff of a County Constable, as well as in the Universal Services Department, I know firsthand how County government works and what needs to be done to improve transparency, oversight and accountability. 

As your County Treasurer, I will work with Commissioner's Court and all the Commissioners to make sure that your county taxes are properly and effectively invested in keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Again, I am Dr. Carla Wyatt, and I would greatly appreciate your support and vote. 

I look forward to meeting and hearing from you about your thoughts and ideas about how we work together to make Harris County an even better place to live, work and raise our families. 

Dr. Carla Wyatt

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