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My Goals for Harris County 

The Harris County Treasurer must once again be the financial watchdog of Harris County government to make sure that you and other residents of county government are getting the best and most cost effective services for the taxes you are paying.



Modernize County Government 

  • Develop ways for county residents the ability to make payment online and over the phone, which saves time and increases efficiency

  • Develop a process for locating the long list of individuals who are owed unclaimed funds from Harris County

  • Develop technological advances to evaluate and provide detailed reporting of percentages, demographics, and trends of the companies/ contractors doing business with Harris County


Partner with Commissioners Court

Managing the finances for the 3rd largest county in the United States is no easy task! I will work with the Commissioners Court to ensure all vendors will be paid in a timely manner, and an enhanced community engagement for increased transparency within County government.

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